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We are pleased to offer two $500 scholarships to recognize deserving Shenendehowa High School seniors, who attended and graduated from Arongen.

Evaluation of these scholarship awards will be based on student academic achievement during the high school years, as well as demonstrated traits of outstanding character as evidenced by involvement in extracurricular activities, sports, community activities or employment.  The selection committee is comprised of present Arongen Elementary PTA parent members and Arongen faculty.

Criteria: Students who meet the following criteria will be eligible for these scholarships.

  •  A senior who will graduate from Shenendehowa High School in June 2019 and plans to attend a two-or four-year college or university in the fall of 2019.

  • The student must have graduated from Arongen Elementary School and attended Arongen for at least two years

  • The student must submit the following:
  •  An official high school transcript record including: Grade point average, class rank and SAT scores
  • At least one academic recommendation  
  • At least one service and character recommendation 
  • Evidence of participation in one or more of the following areas: extracurricular activities, sports, clubs and community service activities. Include dates of participation and any offices you may have held.  Please also list any employment history including dates of employment and hours worked per week.
  • An essay of at least 100 words on how an Arongen staff member inspired you or made a difference in your life OR how your experiences at Arongen influenced the person that you have become today
  • An 200-500 word essay that you have written and submitted as part of your college applications. Please include the prompt from the original college application that your essay is answering. 


Application must be submitted to the High School East Counseling Center

by Friday, March 1, 2019